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Photonics Marketing Company (PMC)


No.7, Bldg No.2, Hema Park, Bhandup E , Mumbai - 400042,-India
Phone     : +91-22-32657126
Fax          : +91-22-25661863
Mobile   : +91-0-9324067543
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Member Optical Society of America

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Photonics Marketing Company(PMC)

Life Member Indian Laser Association


SphereOptics  LLC

     merged with

Labsphere Inc.

Proud to announce as an exclusive distributer of  LASOS GmbH

He-Ne Laser, Ar-Ion Laser

 Automotive Lamp Measurement


Photo goniometry


Spectral measurement system

 Vacuum system.

Zenith /Spectralon Optowhite

Detector Position Sensing

 XY-position Sensing Detector

 Colorimeter  QED Detector  Trap

Detector  Cryogenic Radiometer 

PM Fiber  Gyro fiber 

Erbium doped fiber 

MM fiber (Multi Mode Fiber)

  SM fiber (Single Mode Fiber)

  Lens Fiber Tapered Lensed Fiber

  Patch Cord FC/PC SC/APC

 Fiber Bundle Light Guide Fiber

V-groove Array Waveguide Array

PM fiber in V-groove

 Splitter Combiner

Splicer Mechanical

Laser Diode Chip (LD Chip)

  LD Cip on Submount (CoS)

 Photo Diode Chip (PD Chip)

  Light Emitting Diode (LED)

VCSEL Chip or TO-Can

Crystal  BBO  LBO  KTP  KDP   Nd:YAG  NdYV04  NLO  SHG THG

Distributed Bragg Reflecting Laser Module

External Cavity Laser Module

Electro-Optic Laser Scanner

IR Emitters / Pulsable /CW

Laser diode Controller

  Constant Current Source 

Laser Diode Driver  LD mount 

Butterfly DILL Mini DIL  TO CAN

TEC mount  Temperature controller

  Wavelength meter

Fiberoptics power meter

ITU Laser Tunable Light source

LIV characterization system

BB Source ASE source

Motion Control 

Translation Stage 

Nano Positioning 

Opto- Mechanic 

Actuator Micrometer 

Bread Board Optical Table

Vibration Isolation Table


Spectrograph Imaging

RAMAN System

Diode Laser HeNe Laser

DPSS Laser Pump Laser  

QTH Xe Hg Lamps 

Si Ge InGaAs PMT Detectors

 InPb CCD Cooled 

Upright Time-resolved Fluorescence Microscope

Photoluminescence Mapping system

Liquid Cystal Waveguides